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A Ceramic Artist Biography

Born: 1966 – Sintra -Portugal Living: Sintra – Portugal

Being essentially a self-taught artist, he initiated with painting and sculpture, proceeding to the discovery of ceramics.

Introduction to Pottery and Ceramics in Amadora: 1990

Graduates Drawing in the National Society of Fine Arts: 1991-1993

Studio @ Sintra since 1996


Is represented in private collections in Portugal and abroad
Municipalities of Santarém, Aveiro and Sintra – Portugal
Hospital Garcia da Horta, Almada – Portugal
Municipal Museum of Torres Novas – Portugal

Grants and Awards

Honourable mention, III Biennial of Ceramics of Mina, 2001 – Portugal
Honourable mention, contest of contemporary craft, FIA 2003 – Portugal


I see myself as an Earth Alchemist and the Four Elements are a way to express myself. Through me, the Elements gain a new dimension, a new shape, and a new language. All of my sculptures and work are an expression, a way to communicate my vision; it’s all about telling stories and creating new landscapes. Of all the Four Elements it is Earth, through clay, that truly makes me feel the Alchemy of transformation and challenges me to go further.
My artwork is designed through modeling earthenware and stoneware, applying oxides, engobes, and glaze. It’ s a passion, a way of life.